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"Our 50 unit condo development has used Parm's for several snow seasons and several lawn/landscaping seasons. Matthew and his crew give meticulous detail to our roads and grounds. I am so glad we found Parm's." -Lynne W. (Sheboygan Falls, WI)

"We use Parm's for both snow and lawn care, we have 18 units and it is a big job, but they get it done. I can say we are very pleased with Parm's Landscape, quality work all the way, you can really tell they care about the job they are doing. Hope to keep them a long time" -Mike S. (Plymouth, WI)

"Been using Parm's for 3 season's now and have no complaints! They get to us when we need it and remove snow how we want it! What a concept, the property owner being asked an opinion! Great guys and great service!" -Lynn P. (Sheboygan, WI)

"This is the first year using Parm's Landscape Management. I was concerned that they would not take the care I did when I blew the snow myself. As it turns out, they are more meticulous than I ever was. How great it is to have someone that really cares about the quality of their work." -Tom F. (Plymouth, WI)

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Lawn MowingLawn Mowing

We provide lawn mowing services to residential and commercial clients.

If you have a small residential lot or a 10 acre commercial property, condo association or apartment complex, Parm's Landscape Management can handle your lawn maintenance needs.

If your looking for a professional cut at an affordable price, that is what you will find with our company. We provide a weekly mowing service throughout the growing season and each mowing visit includes trimming and blowing clippings off all hard surfaces.

When choosing a lawn maintenance provider, you have many options. Here are just a few reasons why we are your best choice:

  • Quality & Well Maintained Equipment: When we purchase our mowing equipment we purchase equipment based on quality. Our equipment is made and purchased with the intention of giving your lawn a truly professional cut. Every single one of our mowers is equipped with a mulching deck. Mulching decks are an additional investment we make to our lawn mowers to provide a far superior finished cut then most of our competitors. Our mulching kits cut up grass much finer so it is never laying in large pieces over lawn surfaces. Also, because adding mulching kits eliminates side discharge of lawn clippings, there is never an issue with grass clippings getting blown where they should not go, such as in landscape beds or across walkways. Additionally, our staff sharpens our mower blades very often, so we are always coming to your property with sharp blades that will leave a nice cut and will not tare or damage your lawn.

  • Professional & Experienced Staff: Our lawn maintenance staff have years of experience in providing clients with top notch lawn mowing services. To retain the best employees in the area, all of our lawn maintenance staff are year round employees. We do not hire temporary, part time, or low skill help for lawn maintenance as most of our competitors do. When you choose us for your lawn maintenance needs, you will see the same employees at your site each and every week. These employees will be educated, experienced and professional.

  • Integrity: Typically lawn maintenance is done on a weekly basis. However, there are times throughout the year where weekly mowing is not needed. Often over summer, if we have a hot and dry summer, many lawns go dormant and do not need to be cut. Most of our competitors still stay with there weekly routes during these periods and still 'mow' lawns that do not need to be mowed and bill there customers for these unneeded visits. At Parm's Landscape Management, Inc., we feel this is dishonest. During periods where lawn growth slows we continue to arrive at each site to assess the lawn. Sometimes there are only some sections of the lawn that need to be cut. Other times the entire lawn does not need to be cut. If only service is need on part of your lawn for any given week, we only charge for the amount of work that was actually done, not the entire lawn maintenance visit cost. If your entire lawn does not need to be serviced, we will skip your lawn for that week and you will not be charged. Not only do we feel that billing a client for a lawn maintenance visit that was not needed is dishonest, its also extremely stressful for your lawn.

The cost of our lawn maintenance service is based on the side of your property. For a quote on lawn maintenance at your property, contact us or fill out our request a quote form today! We also offer Lawn Core Aeration & Dethatching Services.