Parm's Landscape

"Our 50 unit condo development has used Parm's for several snow seasons and several lawn/landscaping seasons. Matthew and his crew give meticulous detail to our roads and grounds. I am so glad we found Parm's." -Lynne W. (Sheboygan Falls, WI)

"We use Parm's for both snow and lawn care, we have 18 units and it is a big job, but they get it done. I can say we are very pleased with Parm's Landscape, quality work all the way, you can really tell they care about the job they are doing. Hope to keep them a long time" -Mike S. (Plymouth, WI)

"Been using Parm's for 3 season's now and have no complaints! They get to us when we need it and remove snow how we want it! What a concept, the property owner being asked an opinion! Great guys and great service!" -Lynn P. (Sheboygan, WI)

"This is the first year using Parm's Landscape Management. I was concerned that they would not take the care I did when I blew the snow myself. As it turns out, they are more meticulous than I ever was. How great it is to have someone that really cares about the quality of their work." -Tom F. (Plymouth, WI)

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Lawn Fertilization

Parm’s Landscape Management is your LOCAL alternative lawn care provider. Are you using a national chain company for your lawn fertilization/weed control services?  Not all lawn care providers are the same! We use Slow Release Granular Fertilizers, just like golf course greens keepers use. Most of our competitors use synthetic liquid fertilizers which can release too much nitrogen, causing your lawn to grow so quickly that it chokes, dries out, and loses its color. Slow Release Granular Fertilizers also last 3-4 times longer than the synthetic liquid fertilizers used by most of our competitors. With our program, you will get a longer lasting and more balanced feeding.Z-Spray

Our Weed Control Applications also are done with far superior products over what most of our competitors are using. Just another way we are able to offer you a much better value for your lawn care dollar.

Many people assume that all lawn care providers offer the same service, using similar products and techniques. As a result, often the provider with the lowest cost per application is the provider whom is selected by you, the customer. Please keep these facts in mind when selecting your Lawn Care Provider for this next season. Being a locally owned and operated company, your satisfaction truly is our future. We also offer Lawn Core Aeration & Dethatching Services.

The cost of our Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control is based on the size of your property. Please contact us for a free estimate on this service for your lawn!

Below is a chart showing just a few of the major differences between our lawn care service compared to the service of some of our competitors:

Lawn Fertilization Chart