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"Our 50 unit condo development has used Parm's for several snow seasons and several lawn/landscaping seasons. Matthew and his crew give meticulous detail to our roads and grounds. I am so glad we found Parm's." -Lynne W. (Sheboygan Falls, WI)

"We use Parm's for both snow and lawn care, we have 18 units and it is a big job, but they get it done. I can say we are very pleased with Parm's Landscape, quality work all the way, you can really tell they care about the job they are doing. Hope to keep them a long time" -Mike S. (Plymouth, WI)

"Been using Parm's for 3 season's now and have no complaints! They get to us when we need it and remove snow how we want it! What a concept, the property owner being asked an opinion! Great guys and great service!" -Lynn P. (Sheboygan, WI)

"This is the first year using Parm's Landscape Management. I was concerned that they would not take the care I did when I blew the snow myself. As it turns out, they are more meticulous than I ever was. How great it is to have someone that really cares about the quality of their work." -Tom F. (Plymouth, WI)

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We provide a wide range of landscaping services to both residential and commercial clients. The landscape services we specialize in are highlighted below:

Landscape DesignLandscaping design

Our staff includes experienced and professional landscape designers that can make your dreams and desires for your property a reality. Our landscape designers will meet with you at your home or business to walk your property with you and discuss your ideas and desires for your property. Sometimes the owner of a property will have very specific ideas and desires for their property, and other times the final design is largely left to our designers knowledge and creativity. At this initial appointment there is no cost to you.

After meeting with you at your home or business to discuss your ideas and desires for your landscape, and the areas you would like included in the design, our landscape designers will give you an estimate of what the landscape design will cost. If you would like to proceed with the landscape design, the designer will take all the measurements needed to complete the landscape design.

After the initial landscape design is completed, your landscape designer will contact you to set up a second appointment at your home or business to go over the landscape design. At this appointment you and our landscape designer will view the landscape design together. The landscape designer will make sure you have a very good understanding of the design and answer any questions you may have about the prepared design. All of our landscape designs include a plant list of all the plants incorporated in the design.

In most cases the landscape design process is completed after the second appointment. However, in some cases there is something on the landscape design that you, the property owner, would like modified. If the modification is basic, such as replacing one shrub with another shrub, the changes will simply be noted on the landscape design. However, if the modification requires redrawing a portion of the landscape design, the landscape designer will take the landscape design, make the necessary changes, then set up a third appointment with you to go over the final landscape design. After the landscape design is finalized, the designer will provide you with a copy of the landscape design.

Once the landscape design is finalized, we have all the equipment and expertise to install your new landscape with integrity and professionalism. If you would like a quote from us to install the landscape design, we will provide a quote to you shortly after the landscape design is completed. Clients that have us complete the landscape installation of their completed landscape design have the cost of their landscape design services waived.

To set up an appointment with one of our landscape designers, please contact us. We look forward to meeting with you at your property!

We also offer:

Patios, Retaining Walls, & StepsPatios, retaining walls, and steps

Our staff has the knowledge, expertise and experience to construct patios, walkways and retaining walls that will give your property a truly unique feel while enhancing your outdoor experience by making it more usable, enjoyable and functional while increasing your properties value.

When you choose our company for your hardscaping project, you can be assured the project is done right. Often times hardscaping projects are done wrong, which leaves a very nice looking finished product but leads to extreme costs in future years repairing or rebuilding leaning retaining walls, settling patios, and water drainage issues.

There are many different products to choose from when constructing a patio, walkway or retaining wall that can give your property the exact look that you desire. Our staff can help you choose the product that will work and look the best on your property.

Brick pavers are the most commonly used product for patio and walkway construction, but we also install natural stone patios and walkways.

The product options for retaining walls and steps are vast. We have installed retaining walls out of boulders, natural stone, manufactured block, flagstone, cobblestone, and timbers.

Typically there is a lot of planning that goes into constructing a hardscape project, and we are happy to walk through the process with you to make sure you achieve the desired end result on your property.

Ponds & WaterfallsPonds and waterfalls

Water Features are a great addition to any landscape because they add movement and sound into a landscape that enhances the overall outdoor experience. Our staff is experienced in installing many types of water features and the possibilities are almost endless.

Just like with hardscaping, the installation of water features increases the value of your property. A water feature is sure to add a level of tranquility to your landscape for your enjoyment. Water features can even be constructed in small spaces. Pond-less waterfalls are great choices for with smaller landscapes.

We have the expertise to professionally install ponds, waterfalls, fountains, streams, koi ponds, and pond-less waterfalls.

We look forward to meeting with you about adding this exciting element into your landscape.

Seeding/SoddingSeeding and sodding

Whether you need a complete lawn install for a newly constructed home or business, your turning landscape beds into lawn, or you have an existing lawn that is need of some help, our staff has the equipment and expertise needed to install beautiful lawns.

Each seeding or sodding job completed by our company is guaranteed and seen through until desired establishment. We will install a temporary watering system after the seeding or sodding is completed that will automatically water your establishing lawn each day for you.


Spring/Fall CleanupsSpring and fall cleanups

As fall comes to a close those beautiful leaves have now made a mess over your entire landscape. Before winter arrives those leaves need to be removed from your lawn and landscape beds, your shrubs need to be pruned and your perennials need to be cut back. Our educated staff has the knowledge and experience needed to get your landscape ready for winter. We have equipment that allows us to complete your landscape cleanup done correctly and efficiently. We will haul away all your landscape waste for you and either leave the leaves along the street for roadside pickup, or haul them away as well.

Did your cleanup not get done last fall and now the snow melted leaving a soggy mess? Give us a call, we would be happy to get your landscape cleaned up for the year ahead.

Mulching/Decorative StoneMulching

Adding a fresh layer or mulch or decorative stone can really improve the look of a property. Natural hardwood or died chocolate mulch are the most commonly used mulches, however we do have many different mulches and decorative stone options to choose from. Give us a call and have us freshen up your landscape for you this year.




Tree/Shrub/Stump RemovalTree Removal

Do you have a tree, shrub or stump that you need removed from your property? Large or small, our staff can remove undesired aspects of your landscape safely and efficiently. After removal, we will haul away the landscape waste for you.

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